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HyperMax launched right on time as promised, Performax Lab’s latest $22.42 at Nutraplanet

Performax Lab's new pre-workout HyperMax launched at Nutraplanet

Performax Labs said their new pre-workout HyperMax would be coming, and it has arrived right on time. The supplement has officially gone on sale at Nutraplanet, with as promised an introductory special from the new release specialists. The store’s limited time deal is not a bulk buy or stack discount, it is just the product itself dropped all the way down to $22.42. While we are unsure as to what HyperMax’s regular price will be when Nutraplanet’s promotion wears off. At a little less than $25, with 20 maximum servings per bottle. It’s a good price for any pre-workout, let alone one that just walked onto the market. As per usual the introductory sale isn’t going to last forever, so if you are interested get in quick as there is no official word on when the Nutraplanet promotion will end.

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