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HyperMax follow up confirmed as fat burner, Performax Labs reveal their fourth OxyMax XT

Performax Labs confirm their fourth supplement the fat burner OxyMax XT

We may have only just confirmed the contents of Performax Lab’s new pre-workout HyperMax. But talk of another new product is already making the rounds. There is no picture available, nor any of it’s ingredients named. However we do have a title for the brand’s fourth OxyMax XT, a formula set to be Performax’s first dedicated weight loss supplement. Currently the brand have the testosterone boosting category covered with AlphaMax, as well as the pre-workout department with the aforementioned HyperMax and the dual effect energizer FitMax. So it is only fitting that Performax’s next move is to the equally important fat burning category. The projected launch time for the consistently named OxyMax XT is four to eight weeks. Which should put the product on shelves somewhere between June and July.

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