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Facts panel mixed up but description correct, SAN Nutrition’s latest individual CarnoSyn

SAN introduce another individual with CarnoSyn

SAN Nutrition may already have a long list of individual ingredient, and for that matter multiple ingredient supplements. However they are not looking to stop adding to their line any time soon, with yet another basic formula revealed and released. The new product is titled CarnoSyn, and features it’s title ingredient CarnoSyn beta-alanine. The SAN supplement weighs in at 250g, listing 50 servings per tub based on a 5g teaspoon size scoop. As far as variants go CarnoSyn looks to be an unflavored only formula, despite the brand’s website detailing it as a softgel product. While SAN may not have uploaded the correct facts panel for their latest individual. They do have the correct description online and as always, their site is the first place you can purchase the supplement.

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