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On-the-go type supplement coming in June, Six Star looking to release something convenient

Six Star Pro Nutrition tease a new supplement for June

Six Star Pro Nutrition, the brand produced by the makers of Muscletech. Have released a teaser image of new supplement due to arrive sometime next month. The picture shows off an on-the-go type product, with it’s giveaway title conveniently covered by it’s launch time frame. From what can be seen, and what Six Star already have in their range. We are going take a guess and say it is a premixed protein squeeze pack. To be honest we can’t imagine the brand going with any other type of RTD supplement. There is the possibility of it being an energy formula, maybe a new variant of Pre-Workout Ignition. However we are just guessing, and with the month of June kicking off this Sunday. We should soon find out from Six Star if we are correct, close or way off.