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4D Nutrition complex duo make their out, Amino and Hydro Matrix available and cost effective

4D Nutrition complex supplements making their way out

Two of 4D Nutrition’s recently revealed supplements have been released, with arguably the most important two being the ones now available. The first product is Hydro Matrix, the brand’s hydrolyzed whey protein formula. Which has gone on sale for the relatively cost effective price of around $45 for 45 24g protein servings. The other supplement is the amino cocktail, appropriately titled Amino Matrix. A 2:1:1 BCAA, citrulline and glutamine combination, which is also on sale for a rather competitive price at $25 for 30 servings. At the moment there are just a few stockists showing up with both and most listing one or the other. But if Hydro Matrix and Amino Matrix aren’t available at your local retailer, it shouldn’t take too long for the 4D complex formulas to arrive as they are spreading fast.

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