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Latest from Alpha Pro due sometime in July, ultimate anabolic formula Gr8test on it’s way

Alpha Pro Nutrition reveal their latest supplement the muscle builder Gr8test

Alpha Pro Nutrition have unveiled their latest addition to their three supplement line, which currently consists Upload, Alpha Cuts and the other weight loss formula Thyroxagen. The new product is modernly titled Gr8test, a formula that you may have gathered from it’s title is a testosterone booster. Alpha Pro are promoting the supplement as a 3 in 1 product, with the three effects it’s claiming being test boosting, estrogen blocking and a touch of nitric oxide. To help deliver it’s results Alpha Pro have put together a 12 ingredient formula broken into three sections. The first area features d-aspartic acid at 3.5g, the brand’s inclusion to help boost testosterone. Second we have the estrogen blocking complex with highlights such as maca root, l-carnitine l-tartrate and longjack. Lastly is Gr8test’s odd nitric oxide blend, listing four ingredients with the likes of citrulline malate and AgmaMax agmatine sulfate. For a complete look at the contents of the latest from Alpha Pro, the brand have uploaded a detailed list of features with descriptions to their website. As well as confirm an early July launch for the upcoming muscle builder.

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