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Animal trial more than twice full size value, two week Animal Flex sample cans now available

Animal Pak put together a 14 pack trial size Animal Flex

The latest product coming out of the well respected and high quality Animal Pak is actually something current fans may not have too much interest in. The brand have put together a trial size version of their multiple award winning joint support formula Animal Flex. The regular,

or up until now the only size of the supplement contains exactly 44 packs, working out to be enough for about a month and a half. The new trial volume packs 30 less with 14 packs, giving those interested in trying the product for that full six weeks a fortnight experience. The price difference as you would expect is rather significant, almost enough actually that you may be better off just jumping right in for the 44 pack. As based on the values spotted so far for Animal’s latest you’ll be looking at more than double the price per serving.

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