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App Nut preview six products for new line, Novate coming with five updated supplements

Applied Nutriceuticals detail six supplements from their new Innovation Series

As expected after yesterday’s confirmation of Applied Nutriceuticals Innovation Series due to arrive sometime over the next two months. The brand have released an update on the complex line, detailing a total of six products. While we did know that one of the supplements in the range would be the previously previewed pre-workout NOvate, which we also now know is a tablet pre-workout. It turns out the energizing formula is the only one from what we can see, to be an entirely new product. The other items confirmed for the series all appear to be updates of current App Nut supplements with Free Test XRT, HG4 Up, Drive Recomp, and two versions of the fat burner Fat Free. One for daytime use simply titled Fat Free, and the other for nighttime use titled Fat Free PM. Unfortunately the names of the six products are really all the update has brought, however with the information that has been released. It definitely seems like fans are in for an App Nut revamp, as we believe the Innovation Series and it’s sequel supplements are likely to push the brand’s current list of complex formulas off the shelf.

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