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Body Nutrition planning something special, July 4th weekend bringing 3 new Truteins

Body Nutrition confirm three new Trutein flavors for July 4th weekend

Body Nutrition, the makers of the well known protein powder Trutein. Have confirmed something special for fans for the upcoming July 4th weekend. Due to go live on the brand’s website, presumably Friday or sometime over the weekend are three new Trutein flavors. Body have yet to reveal or even hint at what any of the three tastes will be,

just that they are going to be available over weekend. The other detail well worth mentioning about the upcoming launch, is that the Trutein trio will only be on sale as part of a pre-release promotion. Basically by the sounds of things it means after the weekend, fans will have to wait for an official launch to get any of the flavors. Being that it is the big July 4th weekend, we do expect there to be some kind of a discount. So if you are a Trutein fan, be sure to tune in for the limited time release and chance to try three new tastes, with hopefully a few bucks off.

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