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BSN’s big reveal confirmed, make it official with N.O. Xplode 3.0 title

BSN's built up supplement confirmed as N.O. Xplode 3.0 by

Today is the day BSN reveal the supplement they have been building up to for the last week or so. We have seen videos, competitions, plenty of teasers, and a lot of suspicion about the product being the brand’s sequel pre-workout N.O. Xplode 3.0. While we do expect confirmation today of just what the supplement is from BSN themselves. The question has already been answer by none other than The online retailer was the first to mention the coming of a re-engineered formula, and they are also the ones to title their build up video ‘N.O. Xplode 3.0 Teaser’. After seeing variants posted by various stores with a 30 and 60 serving in five flavors, this final clue really closes the case. If you would like to see the text for yourself, head on over to the unveiling video section and see the proof.

Update: have now changed the name of their video, due to the supplement’s official title being numberless.

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