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BSN looking to follow on from Decadence, Syntha-6 Protein Bar coming to UK stockists

BSN's Decadence sequel, the Syntha-6 Protein Bar

While BSN’s Syntha-6 Decadence Bars are a thing of the past, and have been for quite some time. The brand are actually heading back in to the high protein snack category in the coming months. The supplement set to pick up where Decadence left off, is the straightforwardly titled Syntha-6 Protein Bar, an on-the-go treat that looks just as delicious as it’s predecessor. The product posts the usual numbers with 30 to 33g of protein, 23 to 31g of carbohydrates (11 to 18g sugar), 9.1 to 10g of fat (5.4 to 5.7g saturated), and a calorie count between 321 to 329. As you can see the supplement does range in contents from flavor to flavor. Which there are in fact three of with chocolate brownie the leader in total protein and fat, cookies & cream the highest in carbs, and rocky road the one in the middle. There is currently no launch date for BSN’s Syntha-6 Protein Bar, although it is worth pointing out that US fans may not be seeing this one. As at the moment it is only being teased for UK retailers.

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