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Spike free protein powders you can trust, Stack3d Certified Selection coming soon

Introducing Stack3d's amino spiking free Certified Selection

Amino spiking is something we have seen touched on or made a big deal out of almost every two or four weeks. Supplement companies themselves have made an effort to talk about it, as well as popular icons and powerful figures. After seeing so many people do their part, over the past month we have been figuring out what Stack3d could do for the protein powder issue. We have now come up with what we are currently calling the Certified Selection. The name as well as the rough branding seen above, may be changed later down the road. But the main idea is to open our inbox to brands looking to put themselves and their protein powder or powders, above their spiking competitors. What we are looking for are companies willing to agree to submit a randomly purchased tub of their protein for a full amino acid breakdown, effectively proving how true to it’s label the product is. From there we will upload the results to our website in a post and dedicated Certified Selection section. Our main goal is to put together a select list of protein powders proving their quality, and showing who you can trust. At the moment we have around ten brands interested, with our email open to anyone willing to put their supplement to the test.

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