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Chaos and Pain detail other Olympus formula, joint support Helios coming in 2 familiar flavors

Chaos and Pain release the formula behind their second Olympus formula

Last week we got a look at one of Chaos and Pain’s upcoming Olympus Series supplements, the BCAA and endurance based formula Mercury. The fully transparent brand have now released the facts panel behind the other Olympus Series supplement, the tendon strengthening joint formula Helios. As always Chaos and Pain have continued with their label transparency, listing a total of 13 different ingredients all individually dosed. Some of the product’s highlights include 300mg of 5-HTP, 1.5g of cissus and 500mg of astragaloside extract, with the complete facts panel uploaded below. Unlike a lot of others in it’s category, Chaos and Pain’s Helios is in fact a flavored joint formula. One that actually has both of it’s options in common with it’s Olympus Series partner, listing mango ambrosia and cherrylime chimera. As mentioned previously with Mercury, Chaos and Pain’s upcoming line is set to launch late next month. With the two likely to hit the usual suspects first, the brand’s direct store and Nutraplanet.

Chaos and Pain Helios facts panel
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