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New wave three Cannibals all under $25, Chaos & Pain Claw and Da Vinci now at Nutraplanet

Chaos and Pain's Cannibal Claw and Da Vinci now in stock and on sale at Nutraplanet

Last week it was Cannibal Alpha that hit Nutraplanet with as expected an unbeatable price. So it makes sense that this week we have the other wave three Chaos and Pain supplements also at unbeatable prices. The missing two, Cannibal Claw and Cannibal Da Vinci have both now landed at Nutraplanet and are going off for around the same price as Alpha, at $24.67 for Claw and $24.72 for Da Vinci. The specials are being promoted as limited time sales, which usually puts the savings on for about a week. With that said Nutraplanet’s Cannibal Alpha deal is actually still running at $24.74, now in it’s second week. So there is the chance of Claw and Da Vinci going for a bit longer. Either way at the moment you do have the choice of any one of the three new Chaos and Pain products at less than $25.

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