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30% off latest Chaos and Pain release, Cannibal Alpha available for just $24.74

Chaos and Pain's Cannibal Alpha at Nutraplanet for 30% off

Nutraplanet may not have all of Chaos and Pain’s new supplements available just yet. But as expected they have launched the line, or at least Cannibal Alpha with an unbeatable deal. Originally the best and only place to buy was direct from the brand, then Supplement Central who showed up with Cannibal Alpha, Claw, Da Vinci and Permaswole. While Nutraplanet are still without Cannibal Claw and Da Vinci, they do have Cannibal Alpha and as mentioned, at an unbeatable $24.74 a bottle. Assuming the product is usually around the $35 mark, Nutraplanet’s introductory special will save you a little less than 30%. Putting the price of three bottles of Cannibal Alpha, just over $4 more expensive than what you would usually pay for two bottles. As always Nutraplanet’s introductory offer is only available for a limited time, leaving you with around one week to decide.

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