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Latest Fusion clothing going into production, it’s black or purple for supplement supporting hats

Fusion Bodybuilding ask fans what color hat they want first

One of the many supplement companies out there that produce a strong selection of clothing is Fusion Bodybuilding. The last time we checked in with them just over three months ago, they were introducing another ‘Train Past The Pain’ piece with their women’s racerback tank. Fusion have now previewed something that they are actually about to put into production, Purple K hats. The straightforward product is basic as it gets with just the name of one of their more popular supplements right across the front. While the sneak peek does suggest that there are two color variants coming, black with white and purple with white. There is in fact only one due to arrive first, as the brand are asking fans which one they would prefer to see before the other. Fusion haven’t given us any kind of idea as to when they will be ready, although seeing as they have yet to put them in to production they may be some time.

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