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GASP go limited edition for three colors, LTD Production Symbol T-Back now available

GASP new limited edition Symbol T-Back tank now available

GASP, one of bodybuilding’s more premium clothing brands, isn’t a stranger to limited edition products. We have seen special prints and pieces from the company on more than one occasion, with their latest release being another example. GASP have put together a limited run of their new Symbol T-Back tank, a two color top featuring a stylized version the brand’s logo on the front and symbol logo on the back. As mentioned the T-Back has been painted using a two color palette, with three combinations to choose from. Black with orange highlights, white with gray, and khaki green with what looks to be a darker green or brown. While GASP have not confirmed any kind of number for how many T-Backs have been produced. They are warning fans that once the item is gone that is it, with stock already now available for purchase direct from the brand.

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