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Only 300 of GASP’s new limited edition sleeveless hoodie

gasp limited edition

If you head on over to GASP’s website right now you’ll be greeted by a countdown clock that’s been running for quite some time now. Fortunately the clock has been counting down to today, or at least later tonight to early tomorrow morning. The exact time the banner will stop ticking is 2AM Pacific tomorrow morning, which at what time GASP will launch their next limited edition piece. The latest from the bodybuilding clothing company hasn’t been pictured much with the image on the brand’s site showing off the item from just the one angle. In the picture you can see one of GASP’s more popular athletes Johnnie Jackson wearing what looks to be a sleeveless zipper hoodie. The product appears to feature the brand’s logo from left to right across the front, and come with a bit or orange around the collar. As interesting as the piece is based on what we can see, what makes it worth counting down to is its limited edition availability. In total GASP have only produced 300 of the hoodies, each individually numbered. The brand is also saying the item will only be available at select resellers not making any mention about the product being to their own website. If that is the case fans will need to bookmark GASP’s stores page and start their hunt before all 300 hoodies sell out.

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