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Docudrama makes the difficult transition, Generation Iron goes from film to clothing

Generation Iron goes from movie to clothing brand

One of our main concerns about Generation Iron and it’s merchandise going forward after the movie had been and gone, was it’s future. With the team behind the bodybuilding docudrama continuing to release product after product still to this day, we thought people may move on. Much to our surprise Generation Iron appears to have made the difficult transition from film to it’s own new brand. Originally clothing was the main focus of the movie’s merchandise collection, which the company have carried over and expanded on with their now updated website. The online makeover sees the Generation Iron team put together an image for themselves that helps bring a whole new meaning to their name. Instead of solely coming off as the hardcore creators of the 2012 Olympia film. Generation Iron’s updated graphics, modern feel, attitude and new Summer Collection turns them into a brand that seems like it’s here to stay, and spread it’s message through more than one avenue. To see how much of a difference the movie’s mood change has made, check out the website for yourself. Where you can still see the same old Generation Iron merchandise but with a lot more clothing and accessories.

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