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Online update sees everything uploaded, Genomyx make use of Lecheek website layout

Genomyx update their website with the Lecheek Nutrition theme

Over the past few months we have seen a lot from Genomyx, going from the rebirth of their Basyx line to the new formulas Phenadrol and STIMaholic. Previously the brand’s website was not a great reflection of that effort, however it has now been updated with much more than just a current list of supplements. On top of the accurate products section, Genomyx have completely overhauled their site throwing in areas for stockists, distributors and even international fans. The only disappointing part is that the layout is unfortunately familiar, mostly because it is the same one used by the company behind Genomyx, Lecheek Nutrition. While it does take a bit away from the online presence, the alternate colors and imagery do give the website some character. Despite how it looks, the important thing is that more information is now available for current and future fans.

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