Continue reading Stack3d UK exclusive 120 counts, Grenade add 20% but drop powerful packaging

Grenade's UK exclusive AT4, Black Ops and Thermo Detonator shoppers have been treated to something special from the packaging specialists Grenade. The brand have put together three exclusives for the popular online store, that are only available to United Kingdom customers. Grenade’s original weight loss formula Thermo Detonator and it’s high energy sequel Black Ops, both usually come in 100 capsule bottles. At UK however they are listed as 120 capsule bottles, 20% more than usual. We did of course say three exclusives, with the other one being a 120 count AT4, which does leave us a little confused as that is the product’s regular amount. Either way you may have also noticed in the picture above Grenade have dropped their standout packaging for the supplements. While we don’t officially know why the brand did that, there is a good chance it wasn’t due to size as AT4 fits 120 capsules fine in it’s grenade shaped bottle. Packaging aside, the three 120 counts are all available from now. And just case you forget where you got your 20% extra Grenades from, the exclusives have been branded with the store’s logo.

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