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Haleo’s third available without facts panel, pre-workout Vici launched with $20 discount

Vici is Haleo’s upcoming pre-workout that we first caught wind of back in April. Since then nothing much has been said about the supplement, until now as the brand actually seem to have launched the product. (Veni Vidi) Vici is currently listed on Haleo’s website as on sale for what seems to be an introductory price of $39.97. The usual cost for the pre-workout has been crossed out at $59.99. However even though Haleo are offering a discount of about 20 bucks, you won’t be able to see what is in the supplement before you purchase it. Unlike the brand’s other products On Point and Mind Set, Vici is unfortunately listed without a facts panel, leaving fans to put a whole lot of trust in Haleo. Alternatively you could go off the effects highlighted for the pre-workout with power, energy and stamina. Although we really think a more detailed description would go a long way, especially since $39.97 isn’t a bad price.

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