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Fifth Hybrid formula due tomorrow, Neuropump formula revealed one day out

Hybrid Nutrition confirm the contents of Neuropump and official launch date

Yesterday we posted an update on Hybrid Nutrition’s focus powered pump pre-workout Neuropump, revealing what may or may not have been the product’s entire formula. Today we have yet another update, however this time we can confirm all the supplement’s details starting with it’s official contents list. As it turns there is nothing else to add to the previously previewed group of ingredients. With glycerol monostearate, betaine anhydrous, agmatine sulfate, hordenine HCl, r-beta PEA, pikatropin and huperzine-A the only features in Neuropump. The other detail we can now confirm is the launch date of Hybrid’s Neuropump which has actually been set for tomorrow. While we don’t know where it will become available first. The brand’s popular stockists would be the most likely places to watch with stores like Tiger Fitness and Supplement Central.

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