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Latest from iForce coming with a sample size, two capsule Thermoxyn trial packets spotted

Two capsules packets of iForce Thermoxyn spotted

As iForce Nutrition’s 72 hour Thermoxyn pre-sale nears it’s end, details of a second volume of the supplement have surfaced. In case you didn’t check it out, the price the brand set their latest fat burner at direct was $49.99 with free shipping

and a 10 day trial of Compete! While the freebies were no doubt appreciated, the value was quite high compared to the cost of your average weight loss formula. Of course when it hits stores, it will most likely be substantially lower, however there is going to be an even cheaper option if you’re just looking to try the product out. Two capsule packets have been spotted and will be available, which iForce stockists could be giving away or even selling. Either way it appears that fans will be able to try Thermoxyn before they invest in a full size bottle.

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