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Infinite Labs online overhaul, supplement rebrand brings website update

Infinite Labs update their website and rebrand their supplements

Infinite Labs have finally gotten around to updating their website with refreshed images of their rebranded supplements. Almost every product on the brand’s site now features the slightly more contrasting look, leaving just a handful of supplements left to be relabeled. If you do head on over to Infinite Labs today to check out the made over products, you may notice that the website has also received a bit of a make over. Infinite’s online presence now has a much more packed out yet spacious layout, and not just with a bunch of fresh looking supplements. The brand’s site now features a full range of areas with product pages, recategorized shop section, community department, blogs lists and links to places like the Infinite Kitchen. To have a look at Infinite’s all new website, head on over to, where as mentioned you can also check out the brand’s supplements all dressed up in their new labeling.

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