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MAN show off their smart thermogenic, Lean Ph.D could be the one we’ve been waiting for

MAN Sports preview their smart thermogenic Lean Ph.D

This supplement we believe actually dates back to more than a year ago. While it may or may not be the product MAN Sports are referring to today. Last year the brand did preview a weight loss formula in March, promoting it as in it’s early testing stages. The latest development from MAN brings a lot more information to the table with a supplement titled Lean Ph.D. The product is being listed as a smart thermogenic, very similar to what the 2013 fat burner was teased being as, ‘thermogenic perfection’. One of the major differences however is that Lean Ph.D lists a three capsule maximum, compared to last year’s formula which was previewed as effective off just the one capsule. As mentioned they not even be the same product, but they are in the same category. And if MAN have indeed been working on a weight loss supplement for that long, we could be in for a treat.

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