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MAN resurrect discontinued creatine, Micro Batch production brings back Clout

MAN bring back their creatine supplement Clout

MAN Sports have made use of their individual Micro Batch production process, by bringing back a previously discontinued supplement. The product that the brand have brought back is the creatine formula Clout. Carrying over all the original’s ingredients at the exact same doses, with the exception of 8mg of vinpocetine which MAN have swapped out for 150mg of isobutryl thiamine disulfide. As for flavoring instead of Clout’s one previous taste thunder punch, the brand have gone for what seems to be a slightly more descriptive option, lemon lime. Being a Micro Batch produced supplement, MAN do only have a limited supply of their resurrected formula, which can only be purchased direct from the brand. To grab yourself a bottle visit MAN’s official website. Where you will find Clout listed for $47.99, with a free all in one shaker discounted to $8 when purchased with the Micro Batch product.

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