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Massive MAN saving at Natural Body Inc, Pure PF3 ultimate recovery stack saving you $30+

Save big at Natural Body Inc on MAN Sport's soon to be discontinued PF3

Recently we took at look at what stores still had MAN Sport’s soon to be discontinued original protein replacement, the one and only Pure PF3. Of all the places left stocking the supplement, no one had it on sale, something we weren’t overly surprised by. Natural Body Inc however, the owners of MAN’s exclusive #tremendous white grape, currently have a pack they put together discounting both their Game Day flavor and Pure PF3. The combination is called the Ultimate Recovery stack, which also comes with a full size bottle of MAN’s Micro Batch Glutamine Peptides and a MAN compartment shaker. All together the four items will cost you just $69.99, a massive saving considering PF3 alone runs for around 45 to $50, with the other three products basically valued at $20. The only catch is that you have to go with candy grape for Pure PF3 and the exclusive #tremendous white grape for Game Day. Two things that won’t be a problem for MAN fans as the Natural Body stack purchased individually would usually cost you over $100.

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