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Muscle Pharm officially make it 11, peach swirl and snickerdoodle Combat now available

Muscle Pharm's snickerdoodle and peach swirl Combat now available

Earlier in the week Muscle Pharm confirmed flavor number 10 for their protein powder Combat, going with the taste we recently saw PES ace, snickerkdoodle. The option was announced as a Europa exclusive, and expected to be the next flavor released for Muscle Pharm’s protein powder. As it turns out the athlete’s company have launched snickerdoodle Combat along with one of the previously previewed options, peach swirl. The duo officially take the supplement to a menu total of 11, which is now actually the number of tastes you will find in most stores. As over the past month or so the originally exclusive mint chocolate chip, has found it’s way into plenty of other stockists. The only flavor we are now left waiting on is the unique strawberry cheesecake, one we can’t imagine being too far away.

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