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Supersized Arnold gainer making it’s way out, Iron Mass 8lb available with no sign of 10lb

Muscle Pharm's 8lb Iron Mass now showing up in stores

Just as Muscle Pharm’s first bagged supplement, the 10lb Combat Protein recently crawled out. The brand’s value Arnold Schwarzenegger product is also now making it’s way out to stores. The previously promised 8lb variant of the Arnold Series weight gainer Iron Mass, has started showing up in a number of popular places such as A1 Supplements and As expected it has arrived in the supplement’s two original tastes, as well as it’s more recent addition, flavor number three banana cream. The 38 serving formula has been spotted with a price tag of around $75, unfortunately only saving you less than 5% per serve compared to the 5lb volume. The one question that now remains is where is the 10lb Iron Mass? Originally we thought there may have been a mix up, but there is in deed an 8 and a 10lb. Our guess is that seeing as the 8lber is hitting all the regular spots, the 10 could be someone’s exclusive. Of course with nothing official from Muscle Pharm our guess is as good as yours. Although it would make sense as the athlete’s company do have a similar sizing difference with Combat and it’s 5lb Costco exclusive.

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