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Secret Sauce nothing special but one of the best, MuscleMeds bio-active all-in-one recovery supplement reviewed

We waited a long time to get a hold of this supplement for review. After it first went on sale at the Arnold Classic, then listed on MuscleMeds direct store for a rather high price. The much talked about Secret Sauce finally hit stockists giving us the opportunity to grab a few tubs and put it to the test. While we aren’t big fans of hype and confidence, the profile of the Generation Iron featured formula definitely guaranteed some sort of positive performance. Originally we only planned on trialing Secret Sauce for a month, which then turned into two months to make sure we didn’t miss anything. We can now say we have experienced all the product has to offer to bring you the review a lot of people of been asking for.

Basically what Secret Sauce promises is a one of a kind post-workout experience. It’s combination of creatine, BCAAs and iSpike carbohydrates almost immediately made believers out of us. The big question was however, how well would the combination work, and would MuscleMed’s additional bio-active complex introduce any bonus effects.

Starting off with when you first throw back the formula after you work out, you will notice straight away that it gives you quite the filling feeling. With a two scoop serving size weighing in at 71g, that’s not exactly surprising and greatly appreciated post-workout. It helps put to rest any chance of unwanted hunger or craving attacks, as well as assist in the delivery of the one thing we always look for in a post-workout, the recovery effect. No doubt the heavy dose of carbohydrates plays a big part on this one, but the supplement’s other features do certainly take it to a level where it is a lot more than just carbs.

The star of the show the recovery, takes about ten or so minutes for it’s revitalizing effects to kick in. From there you will notice the full recovery power of Secret Sauce, taking you to a place where you just aren’t hurting and seemingly fully recovered. We say seemingly, as the MuscleMeds product does lack that renergizing factor. It does a great job at revitalizing your body and making you feel recovered, taking away the after workout blues and pain. However if you attempt to perform any sort of exercise or even walk a fair bit. You will find that it is just the feeling of being recovered, as your tank will still be sitting at zero. Assuming of course that you trained until you had nothing left.

Essentially Secret Sauce for us did exactly what we expected a well dosed BCAA, carbohydrate and creatine supplement to do. We’re not saying that it’s a poor performer, in fact it’s quite the opposite as the product is the perfect example of a complete post-workout. We are simply saying that it is very similar if not identical to a BCAA, creatine and carb stack. With that said it obviously rules out the possibility of the bio-active blend doing anything for us. Alternately if it did, it effected us by a very small amount or enough to pick up where Secret Sauce’s other ingredients unknowingly fell down.

Outside of the immediate post-workout effects, the only other thing worth pointing out. Is the fact that the supplement doesn’t get better over time. By that we don’t mean the creatine doesn’t kick in, as it does, and you do get all the usual bonuses of a solid 5g of creatine. We’re talking about not feeling as sore or tired the next day or two. With some recovery products we have seen their effects extend beyond the post-workout window, and while some of them weren’t the best in the business. They did prove that additional recovery was possible. With that in mind, we did not feel that was something noticeable in the MuscleMeds formula, despite it being something we were holding out for.

The one message we just have to get across on Secret Sauce is that as mentioned, the supplement is hands down one of the best in it’s category. If our review doesn’t reflect that, then it’s probably the disappointment in the product coming out about it not being as magical as it’s title. The thing is once you get past the upsets and forget the hype, and look at Secret Sauce for what it is and does. You’ll realize just as we did that it is easily one of the best post-workout solutions available.

The awesomely named MuscleMeds formula doesn’t drastically speed up recovery or revitalize the body and mind like nothing you’ve ever experienced. It is a complex recovery supplement, and it does exactly what and all it needs to do. After a workout it brings the body back to life, delivers a strong dose of BCAAs to help repair the muscles, and to top it off you get all the usual effects of creatine. The product may not be the best thing we’ve seen as far as recovery goes. However it gets top marks and a lot praise purely because it’s range of effects from reliable ingredients. Make it a true all in one supplement that needs no stacking and that you can actually rely on.

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