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Nutrapure now named Verda Nutrition, Nutrabolic’s all natural line set for summer

Nutrabolics all natural Verda Nutrition line set for summer

We were first introduced to Nutrabolics all natural supplement line with the title Nutrapure. Since that initial mention the spin off series has undergone a number of changes, with it’s name being switched to Verda Nutrition. The original Nutrapure Facebook page left unattended at 68 likes, and the previously previewed product Thrive no where to be seen. While things like that are expected when building a new brand, it finally seems like Nutrabolics are settled and ready to go. In the latest announcement surrounding Verda, the line has been confirmed for launch sometime this summer with one supplement pictured, the self-titled vegan protein, greens and antioxidant formula Verda. So far the almost Thrive identical product is the only item that we know of, with no teasers or hints at anything else. Although seeing as summer is right around the corner more information on the series and it’s supplements shouldn’t be too far away.

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