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Nutrex site down with new product announced, Lipo 6 stimulant free spin off coming soon

Nutrex reveal a stimulant free Lipo 6 variant coming soon

Nutrex have confirmed the coming of their next new supplement joining the brand’s Lipo 6 line of fat burning formulas. The name of the product has been revealed as simply Lipo 6, although the reason it is new and different is because of it’s Stimulant Free subtitle. Based on the image released we are going to assume it is a variant of Nutrex’s regular Lipo 6. Which if the stimulating contents are to be removed from, you will actually only be left with a 45mg combination of synephrine HCl, guggulsterones and bioperine. With that in mind we feel the Stimulant Free Lipo 6 might have a rather different set of ingredients, possibly keeping nothing from the original. As Nutrex are saying, the supplement is coming soon so exact details should be revealed in the next month or so. Maybe even earlier, as the brand’s website is currently down for maintenance which could bring a number of things with it when it comes back online.

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