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Pro Supps introduce missing protein size, mainstream PS Whey now available in 2lb tub

Pro Supps introduce a 2lb PS Whey

Pro Supps originally launched their mainstream protein PS Whey in two volumes, a 68 serving 5lb and 136 serving 10lb. We were initially quite taken back by the brand introducing just the two larger sizes, as a 2 and 5lb are what we usually see. With that said Pro Supps have now actually released a third volume

of PS Whey, going with the tub size we expected to see when it first hit, a 2lber. The variant is of course now the least cost effective option, but obviously ideal for those looking to try PS Whey in either of the larger volume’s flavors chocolate or vanilla. At the moment not everyone is stocking the new 2lb, although those that are have got it at a price difference compared to the 5lb, of around 50% more expensive per pound.

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