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Rival Us Blackout taking over next month, intra-workout formula hinted at with teaser

Rival Us teasing their July Blackout with hint of an intra-workout

While Rival Us are no strangers to mysterious launch build ups and teasers, their latest promotion is definitely more vague than their last. The athlete driven brand have started teasing what they are calling the Blackout, for arrival sometime next month in July. The image accompanying the announcement of course hasn’t detailed what Blackout is in relation to. However Rival have uploaded a second picture featuring the words ‘Can you make an intra workout?’, followed by the line ‘After July, you’ll never run out of steam again’. With out any additional details nothing can be confirmed. But the two images do certainly suggest that Rival’s Blackout due to take over next month, will be bringing an intra-workout supplement of some sort. Whether or not that means an amino cocktail or even more than one product, only time will tell. Although July is just round the corner, leaving Rival fans with a minimum two week to maximum six week wait.

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