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Unreleased Stoppani duo due next week, Pro and Vita Jym expected soon after Pre Jym return

Jim Stoppani's protein Pro Jym and vitamin Vita Jym expected this week

For Jim Stoppani followers the wait is almost over for the two unreleased Jym supplements, Pro Jym and Vita Jym. Following an announcement explaining why Pre Jym was not back in stock Thursday at it’s exclusive retailer The man himself has confirmed that soon after his pre-workout gets back online this Monday, the protein powder Pro Jym and multi-vitamin Vita Jym, will also be available. There has been no exact day set for when they will arrive. Just that the duo are expected to be launching sometime next week, dependent of on whether or not any unfortunate surprises get in the way. If you are a loyal Stoppani follower and want to order either of the products as soon as they come in. is the place to watch, which might be a good idea seeing as Stoppani’s last launch Shred Jym, sold out in just three days.