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Fifth Stoppani formula officially detailed, Vita Jym packing 25 transparently dosed ingredients

Fifth Jim Stoppani supplement Vita Jym detailed

Back when Jim Stoppani revealed his fifth formula Vita Jym in April. He dropped very few details confirming 10,000IU of beta-carotene, 500mcg of vitamin B12, and 400IU of vitamin E, as well as a serving size of two tablets, with 30 servings per 60 tablet bottle. Stoppani has now unveiled the entire Vita Jym formula, showing his ability to once again keep things simple, well put together and effective. In total the multi-vitamin supplement packs 25 different ingredients, including highlights such as 250mg of vitamin C, 400mcg of folic acid and 120mcg of vitamin K. You could say there are some things missing from the product, however Stoppani has formulated Vita Jym just as carefully as he has all his other supplements. For those who actually do believe something is genuinely missing. Stoppani has put together a full description explaining why he left out some common contents, as well as detail why each and every ingredient that is in the product, is in there. For a complete close up at the supplement, we have uploaded the official Vita Jym facts panel below. But for the write up on what’s in and not in the multi-vitamin check out Stoppani’s website.

Jim Stoppani Vita Jym facts panel