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AML keep within the category they know, stimulant free spin off Thermo Heat Nighttime

Advanced Molecular Labs release their second supplement Thermo Heat Nighttime

Advanced Molecular Labs is the brand we introduced to you back in March with their self proclaimed ‘most advanced thermogenic ever developed’. The title of their one and only supplement is Thermo Heat, a fat burner which has now been joined by another formula from the same kind of category with Thermo Heat Nighttime. The product as you can tell by the name is a variant of AML’s original weight loss supplement, with the difference being it’s designed for nighttime use. While it is stimulant free, the formula actually features a number of sleep aid ingredients, hoping to deliver it’s promise of fat loss while you sleep. In total Nighttime lists eight features on it’s facts panel with GABA, 5-HTP, l-theanine, cayenne pepper, ginger root, cassia bark, melatonin and BioPerine. For all those interested, like Thermo Heat AML’s latest does seem to only be available at Muscular Development’s store. Where it is now on sale for the same price as the daytime solution at $59.95 for a 30 serving 60 capsule bottle, and $79.95 for a 60 serving 120.

Advanced Molecular Labs Thermo Heat Nighttime facts panel
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