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2014 supplement awards, voting opens in 9 days on July 21st

Voting for's 2014 supplement awards begins July 21st

One of the biggest events of the year as far as supplements ago is’s Supplement Awards. The online giant have been giving out their awards of excellence since back in 2005. Which have now been incorporated into the Mr. Olympia show itself, with announcing each year’s winners and handing them their awards on stage. This year is likely to see just as many votes and numbers as those before it. As well as intense competition with Animal looking to get back their previously long standing multi-vitamin title for Animal Pak, and Optimum hoping to hold on to their yet to be beaten protein and supplement of the year titles for Gold Standard. have already uploaded their awards page linking in past award winners, and details about how each product is nominated and selected as the winner. The polls are due to open in just nine days time on the 21st of July, where everyone will also be encouraged to vote with that handy 10% off coupon as an incentive.

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