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Better Body hoping to improve their flavored fat burner, updated Body Form feedback listed without contents changes

Better Body looking to launch updated Body Form

To kick off the year Better Body Sports have been making a number of changes to their line, with a few rebrandings, but more surprisingly some new additions. We’ve seen the brand release RemBurn and Creatine Gluconate, as well as an edited Amino Ammo. The latest item coming from Better Body is now an updated version of the supplement that introduced us to the brand, Body Form. Arguably the first flavored fat burner, or the first original formula we saw before the trend caught on, has had Better Body’s heart and soul poured into it to hopefully improve the popular product. While the brand have yet to officially release the all new Body Form. Early users have said that it has helped ‘increase their feeling of well-being, better appetite control, stronger energy kick, and that it has a cleaner feeling’. Of course none of those confirm what has actually been changed for the 2.0 edition. The brand have however highlighted 15% more active ingredients in Body Form promotions, opening up space for a lot more features. We will round out the news of the upcoming Better Body supplement with it’s menu details. As the brand have previewed peach mango for the product, which we assume will join it’s four current options, orange dream, pineapple breeze, cherry limeade and the 10 serving less mocha perfection.

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