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Body trio available for just three days, 20% off new Trutein flavors for July 4th weekend

Body Nutrition giving 20% off their three new Trutein flavors

Throughout the week Body Nutrition have been revealing their three new Trutein flavors one by one. Yesterday they rounded out the build up with mocha caramel joining Tuesday’s peanut butter marshmallow cookie, and Wednesday’s red velvet cake. While Body did do well unveiling a taste a day for the last three days, they didn’t let us know whether or not the July 4th pre-sale would bring with it any sort of discount. Of course now that the big day has arrived, Body have confirmed that their three new Truteins are available with 20% off. The code to use is ‘MURRICA‘, which will drop the 2lb tub from $33.95 down to $27.16, and the more cost effective 4lb from $56.95 to $45.56. The coupon is only valid for the weekend, the same amount of time the Trutein trio is available for, giving Body fans and protein enthusiasts just three days to act.

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