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BSN carry over pre-workout variant, caffeine free N.O. Xplode priced no different

Reformulated BSN N.O. Xplode showing up caffeine free

While BSN fans may now have to deal with a different formula when it comes to their favorite pre-workout, which the jury is still out on whether it is better or not. The brand are helping ease everyone over to their reformulated N.O. Xplode by offering a variety of flavors and sizes. Up until recently we were aware of four sizes of the supplement 30 and 60 serving, the GNC exclusive 36 serving, and for those located outside the US, the edited 45 serving. On top of the four volumes, we were also aware of seven tastes, blue razz, fruit punch, grape, green apple, watermelon and the two exclusives.’s cherry limeade and Vitamin Shoppe’s raspberry lemonade. What we have now started seeing in most BSN stockists showing up with the brand’s new pre-workout is a caffeine free version. The variant is something fans will be familiar with from N.O. Xplode 2.0, however the same amount of flavors has not been carried over. For the non-caffeinated experience fans will have just fruit punch to choose from in the usual 30 serving tub. With unfortunately the loss of caffeine not saving you any money.

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