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Re-engineered BSN pre-workout available, new N.O. Xplode valued at around $2 a serving direct

BSN's new N.O. Xplode on sale direct for $2 a serving

Since BSN revealed their big supplement on Monday, we have all managed to get a glimpse of the re-engineered N.O. Xplode formula, as well as read all about it’s multiple variants. The one thing a lot of people however have yet to see is the product on sale. In a lot of promotions and even videos, BSN talk about the pre-workout being available now. While to some that may not exactly be true as it has yet to hit any major stockist from what we can see. The updated N.O. Xplode is indeed available, just not at a place you’re probably going to want to buy from. Currently the only store with the supplement is BSN’s own website where you can grab the product, but at the incredibly high price of $58.39 for 30 servings and $92.29 for 60. As mentioned the direct availability does mean the new N.O. Xplode is in fact on sale. We’re just unsure if those interested are willing to pay almost $2 a serving, or $4 for the supplement’s maximum two scoop performance.

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