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Gaspari make it 3 for, Carnipure menu doubled with new pineapple

Gaspari relaese another exclusive for with pineapple Carnipure

Following the reveal and release of their blue raspberry SuperPump 3.0, Gaspari Nutrition have put together another exclusive flavor for the same store carrying their fifth pre-workout taste. The supplement receiving the new flavor is the brand’s individual formula Carnipure, which is currently only available in the one option watermelon. For Gaspari fans shopping at, the product’s range of options has now been doubled with pineapple sitting alongside watermelon. As you would expect nothing has been done to the contents of Carnipure, with it still carrying 80 1g servings of it’s title ingredient. The new pineapple not only takes away the loneliness from Carnipure’s watermelon, but it also makes it a total of three exclusives for Gaspari at Adding to the aforementioned blue raspberry SuperPump and pineapple mango Aminolast.

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