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Chaos and Pain’s new line available Saturday, Helios and Mercury uploaded and ready

Chaos and Pain confirm this Saturday for the launch of Helios and Mercury

Chaos and Pain fans may want to save this week’s pay check for a few days as the brand have confirmed the coming of their new Olympus Series for the first day of the weekend. Due to go on sale this Saturday are the two supplements from the brand’s first spin off line, the joint support formula Helios and BCAA hydration complex Mercury. In preparation for Chaos and Pain’s first release since their third wave of Cannibals, Da Vinci, Claw, Alpha and the sequel Permaswole, both Helios and Mercury have been uploaded to the brand’s website. While you may not be able to add either of them to your cart just yet, feel free to read through Chaos and Pain’s descriptions of each product’s intentions and their facts panels. As well as take note of their prices with Helios valued at $39.99 and Mercury $35.99, which of course doesn’t factor in any specials the brand may be running for the launch in two days time.

Update: Chaos and Pain’s Olympus supplement have gone on sale at Supplement Central

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