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EVL’s industry first due next week, unknown ENGN variant still a complete mystery

EVL set to launch industry first ENGN variant next week

It seems next week is the week for EVLution Nutrition and their fifth flavor of ENGN. For those that don’t remember, the brand’s next release is both a new flavor and a little something else. Since it’s initial mention more than one month ago, EVL have not revealed any concrete information dropping just clues and hints. The major one outside of the fact that what’s coming is ENGN’s fifth taste, is that it is apparently something that has never been done before. Again EVL have not revealed anything official, leaving us stumped with guesses we know are most likely incorrect. Mysteries aside, as mentioned above next week is the week the brand are set to unveil the variant. There has been no exact date set, so we will be watching and waiting each day to find out what exactly EVL’s industry first turns out to be.

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