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Latest from Gaspari now available in stores, Myofusion Advanced valued around $1 a serve

Gaspari's new Myofusion Advanced now showing up in stores

Last week Gaspari Nutrition confirmed that their new Myofusion formula Myofusion Advanced, had arrived at their warehouse and was on it’s way out to stockists. While we didn’t see anyone show up with the supplement last week, something we were kind of holding out for. The product has now started appearing in stores confirming it’s price of around 46 to $48 per 48 serving 4lb tub. With the extremely swift arrival of the protein powder, not only has the supplement’s value been confirmed. But we are also now slightly more convinced that Gaspari’s latest won’t be available in a smaller 2lb or so tub. Of all the stores listing the product, Myofusion Advanced only appears to be available in a 4lb tub with not even a tease of a half size option on it’s way. For those looking to get a hold of the supplement, we do expect most, if not all Gaspari stockists to have the protein before the week is out. Although if you can’t wait head on over to Get Supps or Mass Nutrition.

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