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Gear add to their European supplement line, exclusive protein powders joined by bars

Two new supplements revealed for Gear's European line

While Gear have still got their fat burner Thermo G and nighttime formula Sleep 2 gro, still listed as coming soon to the US. The originally troubled brand have made some moves with their European distributed product range. For those that didn’t know, Gear’s line differs significantly from one area to the next, as compared to the three items stocked in America. Outside the country the brand have a total of five supplements with the additions being the protein powders, Whey Shock and Mass Shock. That number has in fact now been made even bigger, as news of two more products from Gear has come in, the protein bars Pro Shock and Mass Shock. At the moment we don’t have contents details for Pro Shock, although we do have them for the Mass Shock bar. Which lists as expected a high calorie formula, with 30.6g of protein 40.1g of carbohydrates (24.3g sugar), 12.8 of fat (4.4g saturated) and a solid mass total of 399 calories per 100g bar. We can only assume Pro Shock is the more straightforward one of the two high protein snacks. It’s one flavor however does make it sound like a much more attractive treat, with Mass Shock listing chocolate almond caramel and Pro Shock white chocolate peanut caramel.

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