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Giveaway results page now online, new Myokem Mondays kicking off July 21st

Giveaway results page online with our new Myokem Mondays

As promised we have finally polished off our giveaway results page where we will now be posting all of our contest winners. Whether it be a weekly competition, one off prizes or month long giveaways, to help make sure all those who win get notified of their victory their names will be posted on the page. Each person will be listed with the date of the corresponding contest, as well as the prize he or she has won. For the weekly giveaways each month’s dates will be posted before the winners or competitions go live, with some of the days even being detailed with thr supplement up for grabs. The results page has been linked in to the crossbar menu on our desktop page, and soon on the mobile version. It can be viewed on all platforms, so it may not be linked on mobile, but will open up just fine. You may also notice that on the new section we have listed our latest giveaway brand with Myokem Mondays.

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