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Hydroxycut’s second additive for the week, Skinny Vanilla set to take over your beverage

Hydroxycut's Skinny Vanilla essentially vanilla flavored green coffee

The other day we posted about Hydroxycut Clinical’s latest weight loss solution, the conveniently designed Hydroxycut Drops. The idea behind the supplement is to basically tuck it in your pocket, then pull it out and drop a few in your bottle when you’re in need of a kick. As it turns out the brand do actually have another new product, one that is in fact quite similar to Hydroxycut’s Drops. The supplement is called Skinny Vanilla, a second liquid additive, although instead of throwing Skinny Vanilla in to your water bottle. The brand direct you tear off one of it’s stick pack tops, then poor the powder into your ‘morning cup of coffee, tea, or other favorite hot beverage’. For those curious about what they’re adding to their beverage, each stick is essentially just 200mg of vanilla flavored green coffee bean. The product isn’t likely to deliver results anywhere near as well as some of Hydroxycut’s more complex multi-ingredient fat burners. It does however give fans of the brand one more area they can squeeze in yet another supplement.

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